Founding Of The Masjid: 

The Iman Islamic Complex (Masjid Mu’ath Bin Jabal) was established to be a center for Muslims in the United States of America. The beginning of the foundation was in 1975 in a small building near the current building that had a capacity of about 35 worshipers, most of whom were immigrants from the Yemeni community.

First Expansion: 

Then in 1984 the Masjid was expanded due to the rising immigrant community. 

Church Purchase: 

In 1992, due to the increasing number of Muslims, the area desperately needed a large Islamic facility. So, with the help of Allah SWT, Muslims united bought a Church, school, and house all next to each other and near the original Masjid. This accommodated a large number of worshipers, approximately 1000 people.

Last Expansion: 

With the exponentially increasing number of Muslims and Muslim immigrants, Those in charge of the Iman Islamic Complex decided that they needed to expand the mosque yet again. So, in 1996 the initiative was finished. In terms of capacity for the Brother’s prayer area, it added about 1000 more spaces. This expansion also included a new musalla (Prayer space) as accommodation for the Sisters. The Sister’s musalla had a capacity of approximately 400 Sisters. In total, there were about 2400 prayer spaces for both genders. However, this number is only for regular prayers. On important Islamic occasions, this number could reach 3000 people. 

Islamic School Establishment: 

The muslim community was in need of a school to teach its children the Holy Qur’an and the Arabic language, so an Islamic school was opened. The islamic school was opened in 1986. The school was named Iman Islamic School or Iman Academy. It started with about 70 students. 

After purchasing the church that was  turned into a mosque and the school in its vicinity, the students were transferred to the new building, which was next to the mosque. The students were taught every Saturday and Sunday. In addition, they were also taught in the summer months. The number of students that were enrolled in the school was approximately 300 male and female students of all ages. 

Alhamdulillah! The school is still prospering and teaching the children of the Muslim community. Now the number of students who study at the Iman Islamic School is over 500 males and females.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan! May Allah Bless you and your families!